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Increasing the TXPOWER in Kali (or other distro)

Working with my Kali pen testing image I had run across some instructions on making the txpower of my wireless adapter.   You can do it in a number of ways by either changing your region to one that has a higher allowance or changing your existing region.     The instructions below are based on the 2013-10-11 regdb.    You can check the site for the latest and change accordingly.

These changes allow me to run any of my wireless cards at 35dbm.  Please note that this was for testing purposes only and it is against the US regulations.   It also may ruin your adapter so you have been warned.

From the Kali (or other distro) terminal window:

apt-get install libgcrypt11-dev python-m2crypto libnl1 libnl-dev

cd ~
mkdir custom-rdb && cd custom-rdb
tar -xvjf wireless-regdb-2013.10.11.tar.bz2
cd wireless-regdb-2013.10.11

Now edit db.txt (edit your the country cod US and CN so the last value is 35

make && make install

cp /usr/lib/crda/regulatory.bin /usr/lib/crda/regulatory.bin.bak
cp regulatory.bin /usr/lib/crda/

cd ~/custom-rdb
tar -xvjf crda-latest.tar.bz2
cd crda-1.1.3

cp ~/wireless-regdb-2013.10.11/* pubkeys

make && make install

useful commands

iw dev wlanX set power_save off
iw dev wlanX set txpower auto
iwlist wlanX chan
iwlist wlanX frequency

if you want to work at lower power

iwconfig wlanX txpower 20

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